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    What is bag-in-box?

    Bag in box (BIB) is a flexible format, environmentally friendly packaging for liquids. It offers a competitive alternative packaging such as glass bottles, bricks, PET and buckets.
    The name "bag in box", says it all. A bag in a box! It consists of a flexible bag or plastic bag in different layers of film (metallized PET EVOH) placed in a corrugated box.
    The bag is filled by a bag-in-box made ??by a machine that may be of different volumes between 1 and 30 liters.
    In this system may be packaged in mainly liquid food products such as water, milk, wine, beer, juice, vinegar, oil, etc..
    Avantaj Suta la Suta Ltd. is engaged in designing industry-customized solutions bag-in-box in wine distribution networks in BIB and provides solutions that are both economic and practical throughout the supply chain.

    Using bag-in-box brings many benefits
    There are both practical and economic benefits compared with standard packages such as:
-a longer period of life after opening - up in 8 weeks
-excellent protection against light and oxygen
-fewer materials used and recyclable
-packages of different sizes can be used on the same machine

    Go green with bag-in-box
    Avantaj Suta la Suta Ltd. with this system of bag-in-box packaging provides a environmentally friendly alternative to many other types of standard packaging.
    A wide variety of products and services allow our customers to reduce their environmental impact in terms of waste reduction, energy consumption and conservation of raw materials.

    Waste reduction:
-bag-in-box is recyclable.
-five times less waste than rigid containers.
-packages completely empty save space storage.
-a wide range of bulk bag sizes (up to 1,400 liters) means less packaging per liter.
-reducing food waste.

    Conservation of energy and raw materials:
-Light and space efficient - saves 20% on fuel costs in transport.
-One-way system eliminates the cost of fuel and energy costs on the transit return.
-Minimal packaging reduces the consumption of raw materials up in 80%. Extremely effective in filling, the filling machine BIB reduce energy costs and increase productivity.

    Bag-in-Box for wine:
-a excellent barrier against oxidation in contact with O2.
-unopened package validity period: 6-9 months.
-stay fresh 4 to 6 weeks even 8 weeks since opening.
-38% lighter than four bottles of wine.
-98% fill the box, packaging efficiency (40% better than glass).
-reducing transport costs.
-advertising on the box surface area.

    Bag specifications:
-bag volume: 1.5 - 1000 l
-popular volume: 3, 5, 10 l
-Bag material: MetPet / PE or EVOH / PE

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